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    Welcome to PYMA

    Established in 2014, Phakamani Young Minds Academy is a non-profit organisation providing academic assistance to learners throughout their schooling career – from foundation phase right up to their final year of secondary schooling…Read more


    Are you an individual, group of friends or a corporate team wanting to support a cause that has a proven track record of bringing change in children’s lives, especially in education? Commit today to join a group of passionate people, with more than five years’ experience, at the forefront of supporting a child in need and creating lasting change. Never think that your contribution is too small – at PYMA we believe that great acts are made up of small deeds.

    The overall expenditure per PYMA learner per year is R4 800 – R5000, and 100% of your donation will be used to help a child fulfill his or her potential. Our programme offers the learner high-impact opportunity, at a very low cost to their family. This is achieved through leveraging volunteerism and strategic partnerships. Phakamani Young Minds Academy prides itself on having an open and transparent relationship with its community of friends.

    If you would like to donate now, you can do an electronic funds transfer (EFT) to the following account:
    BANK: FNB                                                                                                            
    ACCOUNT NUMBER: 62632351756
    BRANCH CODE: 250655

    Tax benefits of sponsoring a child

    All donations to Phakamani Young Minds Academy are exempt from donations tax and qualify the donor for deductions from taxable income in accordance with the Income Tax Act 58 of 1962. If you give more than R100 per annum, you will receive a Section 18A tax certificate enabling you to claim a deduction from personal or corporate taxable income.  Donor deductibility applies to cash donations, bequests, and donations of goods or services. To read more about PBO and Section 18A criteria, go to the SARS website.

    Your donation will make a huge difference to a cause that empowers children and youth, furthering our ambition that all children survive, learn and be protected against discrimination, lack of opportunity, unemployability and violence.  

    The purpose of tutoring is to help students help themselves or to assist or guide them to the point at which they become an independent learner, and thus no longer need a tutor. Our play a vital and multifaceted role in supporting students’ academic learning. Here is an overview of the role tutors at Phakamani Young Minds Academy:

    The Tutor as a Helper
    Our tutor’s role is to help students to learn and problem solves on their own. Tutors do not just give students answers; rather, they are ready to help our students begin to make progress toward a solution. They are trained to understand that learning is a process of comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. To assist in actively becoming involved in the learning process, tutors help students to:

    • Know the type of problem being solved.
    • Understand and use the vocabulary of the subject.
    • Practice the application of principles.
    • Realize that all learners make mistakes but that learning from one’s mistakes is a very effective way to learn.
    • Perform the work themselves.
    • Verbalize what they have learned.

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    Account Type: BUSINESS CHEQUE
    Account Number: 62632351756
    Branch: SOUTH GATE
    Branch Code: 250655