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  • About Phakamani Young Minds Academy

    Established in 2014, Phakamani Young Minds Academy is a non-profit organisation providing academic assistance to learners throughout their schooling career – from foundation phase right up to their final year of secondary schooling. We focus on after-school tutoring that enhances content knowledge through reinforcing work done by educators in classrooms, the provision of extra lessons, homework supervision, exam preparation, extramural activities and facilitating learning in a safe environment. Supporting learners with little help at home, PYMA ensures that like other students, all our beneficiaries submit completed homework at school. We also provide access to post-school opportunities (such as tertiary education, learnerships and employment) to matriculants who require it, as well as encourage them to return and help others do the same.

    Our Mission

    Our mission is to provide an educational programme to learners in the basic educational system. Placing great focus on their unique scholastic and personal needs, we aim to aid their academic, mental and personal development.

    Our Vision

    • Provide a positive experience and multiple opportunities for every student to improve their academic performance and build up their self-esteem.
    • Deliver a diverse educational programme designed to build the foundation of our students’ future success by helping them become independent learners.
    • Build a highly-qualified team of professionals who understand and meet the needs of the organisation and help it become more efficient.
    • Help all our students realise their personal and educational goals, developing them such that they are empowered to live fruitful lives.
    • Establish ties with organisations of different capacities, particularly those able to help our academy progress.

    Our Programmes

    • Supplementary Tutoring
    • Support Programme
    • Extra Mural Activities

    Our Values

    We determine our services based on the needs of our students and community, always striving to exceed their expectations

    We strive for “best during tutoring” in everything we do

    We seek creative ideas and new ways of thinking to grow and improve our organisation

    We believe in complete honesty in our interactions with each other, our students, professionals and shareholders. We keep our promises and fulfil our commitments

    We value all people, treating them with dignity at all times

    We develop ongoing communication within our organisation and between our professionals and stallholders in order to build relationships and gain knowledge on how to grow and improve our programmes.

    We believe in the importance of self-development for each person in order to grow our organisation. Each staff/voluntary member

    PYMA Dedicated to Excellence