supplementary tutoring

Supplementary tutoring

supplementary tutoring

This programme entails providing academic support to learners as well as enhancing and embedding classroom learning through homework supervision. Through this programme, we conduct tutoring sessions for six days a month through following the Department of Education Academic Calendar. The objectives of offering supplementary tutoring sessions to learners. Homework supervision and extra lessons are a part of our Afterschool programme initiative that aid us to provide our learners with academic support. We do this by embedding classroom learning through homework supervision and extra lessons.

Reading and Maths Clubs

Reading and Maths Clubs

The aim is of the reading and maths clubs is improve the literacy and numeracy levels of children through implementing weekly reading club sessions (Drop Everything and Read) and maths clubs for all learners who are in the foundation and intermediate phase. We also ensure that literacy and numeracy books /resources are available for reading to learners who are part of the clubs. In addition, parents of learners who are enrolled in our project are supported with printed literacy and numeracy resources that will continue to aid them in encouraging the latter to read for the learners and practise numeracy while at home. We also encourage a culture of literacy and numeracy among learners by celebrating the World Book Day International Literacy Day and Read Aloud Day and this is usually conducted on a yearly basis.

Our Goals

  • To improve the literacy and numeracy levels of learners and enhance academic performance by 5% every term.
  • To promotes a culture of learning, in which it is the responsibility of all our learners to become active participants in their own knowledge construction.
  • To consistently maintain a 1:10 tutor: learner ratio at every reading and maths club session.
exam prep

Exam Preparations

exam prep

As PYMA, we understand how much time it  takes to prepare for examinations. In preparing for examinations in each and every quarter, PYMA supports learners with online resources packs and printed study packs. In addition, our trained tutors offer beneficiaries with study skills of utilising mind maps, mobile notes and provision of control tests. This is done so as to fully equip learners to achieve best results and to assess or evaluate what learners have learnt based on certain subjects that we offer in our afterschool programme.

Holiday Interventions

As a way of ensuring that beneficiaries are supported academically,  PYMA provides a winter school programme which takes place every winter of the year.  In the year 2020, PYMA took its winter school programme to all virtual platforms due to the lockdown period COVID-19 impacts. This was done with the aim of recovering the time that has been lost due to the debilitating impacts of COVID19 on the education system of South Africa. Because of the diversification of the winter school programme, all the learners were participating wholeheartedly despite the challenges of data, devices and load shedding in Soweto

Its main objectives are mainly focused on the following:

  • To provide learners with knowledge and skills in various subjects and to identify learners gaps
  • To improve the academic performance of learners and to motivate learners to love learning.
  • To ensure that tutors use innovative and creative methodologies in all virtual tutoring sessions.

Maths and Science for High School Learners

All the High School aged students benefit greatly from exposure to our Maths and Science interventions. PYMA believes that the strengthening and development of the Afterschool Project around Maths and Science can greatly benefit the latter through increasing their academic performance in Maths and Science Subjects and also encourage the latter to pursue careers in related to Maths and Science when they leave the basic education system.