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  • Parents Support Forum

    Each parent is requested to sign an application for volunteering to attend a workshop training designed for them. We hope to have the full support of the parents and to serve as the liaison between our student, school and families.


    The community is that village of resources support and strength. We believe it is critical to have the parent’s support as we give extra attention needed for each student at PYMA.

    The programme aims to help parents by monitoring their children academic progress. We keep an effective communication open. Parents get to know what is going on with their children whether it’s positive or negative feedback. Our communication with parents helps them learn more about how their children are coping at PYMA and it encourages them to spark their children enthusiasm. We also give regular feedback and progress reports to parents every term.

    Parent education classes will be provided at Phakamani Young Minds Academy, and will focus on topics such as child-developments, misbehavior and discipline and helping children achieve goals and develop self-esteem, emotional development, and social skills. Financial management classes will focus on helping parents track their personal expenses and identifying a monthly budget, creating strategies for saving money and paying off debt, explaining how to establish or reestablish a good credit record and other related topics.

    Information will be collected during the sessions of the workshop to survey parents on their interests, and gather feedback on community strengths and resources they believe should be incorporated into the project. Courses will be designed based on identified needs. We will also survey parents on what they find to be barriers to student and parent participation then open suggestion to improve on delivering good services.