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  • Weekends and Holiday Science and Mathematics Intervention

    The challenges with mathematics and science education in South Africa are rapidly increasing each year. With all these challenges one key strand of our programme implementation is to work directly with learners through intervention classes during Saturdays and Holiday classes (Winter School).

    Phakamani Young Minds Academy offers academic support to Grade 10 to 12 learners in Mathematics, Physical Science and English .The support is in the form of classes that are offered on Saturday’s and during school holidays. These classes are offered by practicing professionals, our trained tutors and undergraduates and post matriculates around the community of Freedom Park and at large.

    Our classes are conceptualized as informal learning spaces focused on developing a supportive learning community where learners can develop their mathematical and science proficiency, make sense of their mathematics and what opportunities are available for them. Individual, pair and small group interactions with our tutors are the dominant practices with few whole class interactions. And students are required to attend 75% of the programme per term through this we inspire commitment and dedication towards the programme.

    Our programme promotes a culture of learning, in which it is the responsibility of all our learners to become active participants in their own knowledge construction. This gives our learners a sense of ownership over their own learning. We also groom and teach our learners to recognize that their future opportunities are directly related to the time and effort that they put into their education today.

    The benefits found in this are providing opportunities for students to develop personal self-esteem, inquiring minds and have a positive approach towards mathematics and physical sciences.