Our Extra Mural Programmes

PYMA uses a holistic approach of providing to learners. The organisation has been offering extramural activities since 2014.The aim of the extra mural activities is to provide our learners with activities other than learning.The physical health of learners is of equal importance, and we believe that it is through such interactions where learners find their mental stimulation to perform in other areas of their life. We have indigenous games where learners participate and compete in.

More so, our sports programme boasts a variety of codes for learners to choose from and these include tennis, cricket, netball and soccer. These, however are only played occasionally as recreational infrastructure remains a serious challenge in our community but it is an element of our program which keeps learners physically fit and active. Learners are also given an opportunity to display their diverse skills set, talents and abilities through the performing arts programme which is hosted quarterly and is also one of our fundraising strategies through which we invite the public to support our youngsters.