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As PYMA, we are always looking out for Mentors who may aid us in improving our work,  growing our brand and helping to Mentor learners so that they may shape their careers and devise feasible high school exit plans. We are grateful that you step forward to impart change and great influence on our young minds. On behalf of PYMA, we would like to sincerely thank you for choosing to join the PYMA Mentoring Programme and for agreeing to put your time at the service of our young minds, who will incredibly benefit from your support and guidance. At PYMA, we also believe in the value of our Mentors and Mentees, and we are committed to supporting them through our work. Whilst the Mentoring Programme main purpose is to support Mentees to  develop their career and maximise the skills they gained through their experience with PYMA, we want to make this a valuable opportunity for Mentors.  Kindly apply below if you are interested in this opportunity.

Mentorship Application Form

Please complete the Mentorship Application Form in full. 

Personal and Contact Details

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Areas of Expertise

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Availability and Time Commitment

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Motivation and Goals

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Terms of Mentorship and Consent

• Mentoring is voluntary. Accordingly, I agree that I am not entitled to, nor will I receive, any form of remuneration from PYMA for my services
• Termination: After discussing the matter with my mentee, I may agree with PYMA to terminate the mentorship relationship with the mentee, where I believe that circumstances have arisen that negatively affect my ability to provide the mentorship services, or that the mentee would be served better by another mentor or another form of professional assistance.