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  • Programmes

    After School Homework Supervision

    This programme is a homework supervision and tuition for children aged from 6 years to 19 years in grade 1 to 12 who are not receiving individual attention in class due to large classrooms of approximately 40 children per class. Our trained tutors monitor learners on their homework, provides tuition and additional sports games and fun. We focus on the mind, body and spirit of each child at PYMA individually and in small groups.

    Programe Detail

    This programme actively runs from Monday to Thursday from 15h00 to 18h00 for grade 1 to 9 offering academic support in English and Mathematics. And Wednesday and Friday for grade 10-12 the biggest gap being in mathematics, science and English. All students are monitored in small group and one on one session at all times.

    Our trained voluntary tutors are placed at every station to assist with supervising assignments, research projects, daily home-works and other school related tasks. All our tutors go through a brief training program to understand the core principles of tutoring and the PYMA culture.

    Our trained office member in the programme visits all different schools that our student are enrolled in and we run the school visits once in three months (per term) or as necessary to determine and track the progress of all our enrolled learners in the programme.

    We also have an examination prep programme that is designed to test curriculum knowledge and skills, to diagnose learner’s development areas and identify the sub- skills requiring intervention, leading to improved results. We do this through exam preparation on Friday and Saturday for all grades 4-6 and 7-9. We give them skills that they will be able to use in approaching question papers during exam time. The programme focuses on understanding the format of question papers, knowing which major concepts are predominating on the test and asking questions.

    PYMA Programmes

    1. After School Homework Supervision
    2. Weekends and Holiday Science and Mathematics Intervention
    3. Literacy and Numeracy Programme
    4. Career Mentorship and Guidance
    5. Parents Support Forum

    Extra Mural Activities

    1. Chess
    2. Netball
    3. Soccer
    4. Music, Drama, Public Speaking

    Anticipated Outcomes

    Our students will be inspired to have a 75% attendance in school current attendance rate for school is on 60% because learners are afraid to go to school with incomplete home assignments. Students enrolled with us will be brought above a satisfactory level as to ensure they are progressing to the grade level. They will have positive approach towards physical science and mathematics. They will be South African citizens who sets goals to
    achieve them.