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    2017 Positive Results

    2017 has proven to be a year filled with a lot of positive results, mind you it is only in the third term already, in the Phakamani Young Minds Academy (PYMA). Just like every other organization the PYMA also had their own fair share of problems, from day one to the present.

    We have set targets some organizations thought were a far-fetched idea, but we believed that they were attainable from start and that’s why we set them to begin with, and we did just that attain the dream.

    The years 2016-2017 saw a number of doors opening for the PYMA, from sponsors to the increase in learners that partake in the program. We won’t lie and say it all came in on a sliver platter, we had to knock on numerous doors and build relationships with people from all over.

    From grades 1-3 there has been a lot of improvement. The foundation face for term 2 said there was nothing better enjoyed like Saturday classes.

    Mahlubeamahle Radhebe

    7 years old grade 1 she joined the academy in 2017 February said “she enjoys the aftercare program because it helps her pass” having to hear that from a grade one learner proves just great the PYMA has been from the get go.

    She also expressed her challenges and those were finishing of given school projects. This was one of the main factors that hindered learning in the class rooms as every learner was given a project to cut out certain things from magazines and past, while tutors were short and children could not cut or even past properly, this extended the learning program to only having grades 1,2 & 3 attending winter school.

    The academy also made great impact on the grade 1’s, because most of them could not even hold a pencil properly let alone use it to write even their own names. Now term 2 a lot of improvement has been seen with learners be able to hold a pencil and write with it.

    Mahlubeamahle, grade 1 managed to pick up numerous certificates from school on the schools awards day and also said that the academy helped her improve her reading and also bridge the gap with the winter school as they were catching up on the work that way could not cover at school.

    Philane Ndlovu

    Grades 2 & 3 also managed to wow the staff and tutors. Philane Ndlovu 9 years, grade 2 who joined the academy in 2015 said that he enjoys spending most of his time here at the academy because it helps him maintain his reading ability as well as his writing ability. He repeated grade 2 in 2016 and he’s currently one of the most top performing learners achieving 70% average and above.

    He also spoke highly of the recently implemented peer to peer learning system, he said “this helps me understand certain words which some of my friends understand and I do not. Another thumps up for one of our implementations.

    “PYMA helps me with my home work as well as reading, with the tutors also helping us with the right stuff to help us improve our learning” he went on to saying with a smile on his face that ran from one ear to the other.

    Thabang Nthuping

    10 years old, grade 3 enjoys how good the lessons are. Which is another achievement knowing that our learners enjoy the way in which our tutors help teach in different yet approachable methods. He also spoke of the challenges that he faces at the academy and he highly expressed the challenge he had when it came to spelling before he joined the academy. The spelling tests helped him improve more when it came to spelling. He’s one of the learners who failed grade 2 in 2015 and since he enrolled with PYMA in 2016.

    From spelling challenges to being top achiever in his class in English, proving that the spelling tests were not in vain. He also went on to picking up some other certificates in Mathematics and trophies to even prove how sudden things changed.

    It also come with struggles to implement and execute plans that will not jeopardize the learning, however, the grade 4’s proved to be hungry for education and prove that these challenges are just a stepping stone for their excellent performance in term 2.

    Xola Ndlozi

    10 years, grade 4 she started the academy in 2015. She did not hold back when asked about the academy, from what she liked to what challenges she faced.

    “Failing a grade has never stopped me from achieving any greatness, PYMA believed in my abilities and I remember the first time I joined the programme my tutor told I’m the best. Since from then I have always been the best in everything from collecting awards in all subjects and being awarded in the top 10 at PYMA”

    Zanele Mabaso

    10 year old joined in 2014 February.

    “The academy played a huge important role in helping us with our homework’s and also giving us other examples that are aligned with the content to further our understanding on the topic we covering at that moment”

    Zanele became Boekenhout Primary School top achiever for 3 consecutive years and went on to knocking all records of the previous year both in the academy as well as the school she currently goes to. She also picked a number of awards in the PYMA awarding ceremony in 2016.

    Mpho Mlambo

    The grade 5’s did not want to be left out as they also fought a successful term 2 academic battle, Mpho Mlambo joined the PYMA family in 2014 and saw the academy helping her with her Natural Science and Technology (NST)

    Siyabonga Radhebe

    11 years old who joined the academy in 2015 said “the academy helped him with Math’s and he also enjoys playing helpful games as they help him understand his work more.

    Siyabonga Radhebe won the Disney Tv competition for a mentorship day with the Legend Lucas Radhebe. He said that he would like to thank the academy for believing in him with this competition.

    “The day with Lucas Radhebe was one of the most remarkable days of my life. I have always wanted to have a soccer mentorship in my life and thank you to Disney Tv for making it possible for me”