Support Program

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It’s not what you achieve, it’s what you overcome. That’s what defines your career.” —Carlton Fisk

The socio-support pillar goes the extra mile and ensures that the social wellness of the learner is structured, allows the learner to grow, learn and participate orally within the community and society. This is achieved through mentoring which guides the learner’s ambitions and aspirations. We also host career guidance events where our beneficiaries are informed of different career pathways, learning opportunities and the availability of bursaries of which we help them to apply. The holiday program is intended to keep learners connected to academics during this recreational period. The program impart school learners to understand their interaction with their world in which they are living.

The primary objectives are to make them aware of different careers which is the initial step of career comprehension. Through use of various career speed dating activities, aids and partnerships to share opportunities to enlighten them about ways that will help them further in taking sagacious and profound decision about their career path decisions post high school whether in the world of work or in tertiary education. We also have a parent support forum to equip all parents with tools on how they can support their children to improve academically. These parental workshops are also aimed to maximize parental involvement.

ECD Centers Support Program

This project aims to develop effective reading skills that help ECD learners to handle the reading process smoothly and effectively with the idea of increasing their reading and understanding abilities. The project encourages learners, to appreciate the importance of reading and creates an atmosphere of effective interaction and engagement to further their reading capabilities. Our Advancement Reading Program is designed to help ECD children and practitioners become better equipped for the requirements placed on them by a formal education system through our training manual.

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