ECD support Programme

The ECD Programme is aimed at developing the reading skills that help ECD learners to handle the reading process smoothly and effectively with the idea of increasing their reading and understanding abilities.

The programme encourages learners, to appreciate the importance of reading and creates an atmosphere of effective interaction and engagement to further their reading capabilities.

Our  Reading Program is designed to help ECD children and practitioners become better equipped for the requirements placed on them by a formal education system through our training manual. Through our recently established ECDs Forum, we also ensure that we support local ECDs through capacitating them with support efforts on Compliance, resource mobilization and ECD caregivers training.

Youth Readiness Programme

This programme aims at capacitating young people with support efforts aimed at improving their employability so as to address the triple challenges of  poverty, inequality and unemployment afflicting our nation. Although young people have academic as well as technical skills, they often lack basic soft skills that could prepare them for the world of work. It is through this project that we aim to equip young people in disadvantaged communities with the relevant skills and knowledge prior to seeking employment.

It is through this programme that we also expose young people to relevant networks that could aid them to easily access information on job opportunities.  We are steadfastly committed to engaging in support efforts that improve the employability of young people in disadvantaged and marginalized communities. We seek to explore opportunities to innovate and enhance our project as a way of creating opportunities on job creation and entrepreneurship

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Mentorship Programme

The Mentorship Programme aims helping in school youth to devise proper high school exit strategies when they leave the basic education system .

Through the Mentorship Programme, Mentors can support young people to make their first steps into careers goals and this is done by PYMA staff  who carefully select Mentees who are committed to making the best use of the support that they will receive through the Mentoring Programme.

Mentees are usually young people in Grade 8-12 and who immensely benefit from the guidance of more experienced professionals to make their first step into university, college and the job market in South Africa.

Since the launch of our mentorship programme, we have ensured that we pair learners with mentors from  cooperates and universities and these include Sasol, Deloitte, Vodacom Foundation, FNB, African Bank and SAB, Discovery, KPMG, Standard Bank and the University of Johannesburg.

Parents Forum

The objective of the Parents Forum is to ensure that we promote the awareness and accountability of parents roles in learners’ achievements and to advocate for good quality education. We achieve this by  implementing  Parental workshops every quarter of the year.

In addition, we also implement surveys  with parents of learners who are enrolled in the PYMA programmes. As a way  of ensuring that parents are engaged in the programme, the PYMA Team communicates with parents who are also part of the Parents Forum. The latter assists in provision of programme resources and keeping other parents motivated in the programme