ECDs Success Stories

ECDs Founder & Caregiver thanks PYMA for the supporting her ECD centre.

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I am Winile Mthembu, when I established Flowers in the garden ECD I had insufficient knowledge and framework for my ECD. I thought that I am keeping children away from the street as It has no structure or any programme development that would assist these children to properly grow and develop accordingly with all the learnings they will receive from the ECD. Furthermore, the caregivers had limited knowledge and understanding of what is expected from them.

I am truly inspired to attend the PYMA Afterschool Programme for several reasons.  The Programme helps a lot of children with their HomeWorks and tutorials. The programme also assists children with reading and writing as well as helping learners to get a better understanding of their schoolwork.

It is not easy running an ECD, more especially in Kliptown where education is not cultivated and most parents don’t see the need to enroll their children in the ECDs furthermore having  inadequate resources and capital, it is a privilege to have PYMA on board as it secures resources that progressively aids the ECD in conducting its day-to-day activities.

Through the trainings I have grown to develop personally and became eager to learning new things everyday and from other leaders of ECDs. PYMA has assisted me to become a greater facilitator and to fully comprehend the diversity, culture and learning abilities of the children.

Flowers in the garden is highly appreciative of the opportunity and time afforded to Flowers in the garden, without PYMAs assistance it is highly likely that Flowers in garden would not be operating. For 2022, we hope to increase the number of children in our ECDs by advocating for all the parents in Kliptown to believe in the work that we do.

ECDs Stories of Success

It is of great interest to see local ECDs  being interested and participating in the support programme offered by PYMA.

This shows that the primary care givers are eager to see the future of their  children being academically prosperous The following are the ECDs that we have partnered with and their feedback toward the ECDs support programme.

Isiqhingi Senjabulo Day Care Centre

“…As we end the year 2021 would like to share our acknowledgement to PYMA and other stakeholders that made this programme a success ,we were honoured to be honed with the transferrable skills imparted throughout the trainings that were held early 2021 with the Seriti institute which highlighted on the importance of play in the child’s growth. We hope to still continue being part of the PYMA ECD support programme … by: Nokuthula Nene (principal)

Flowers in The Garden

As a small organisation we are pleased to collaborate with Phakamani Young Minds Academy(PYMA), it has been beneficial to be part of the ECD support programme, from attending insightful trainings and receiving food parcels from the Rise Against Hunger(RAH) for our beneficiaries and also being guided on how to implement all the learnings in our ECD…” by Winile Mthembu ( Principal

Ntsako Day Care Centre

“…on behalf of all the care givers in this organisation it is of greatest opportunity to be part of the PYMA ECD support programme. We have seen a tremendous improvement  on our children reading and counting abilities, this is a result of the remarkable work implemented by the PYMA volunteers (Neo Mokoena & Nonkululeko Khoza)  there is a radical change even with their social interactions amongst each other, we also believe and see that they are ready to step into Grade 1 in 2022…”