The development of our 2021- 2025 strategy has allowed us to think deeply on how we will achieve our strategic objectives. Based on this, the organisation has had to shift towards a different trajectory of establishing  Special Projects with various strategic partners and donors. All the special projects that are being implemented have enabled the organisation to increase its beneficiaries reach and achieve its set objectives.

Classroom Project

Our partner in Germany, Sawabona Africa raised funds to purchase a 2nd classroom for our learners and raised sufficient funds to provide electricity, security and paving.   With the delivery of the classroom we are now able to accommodate all high school learners and have an additional room for our events


Coca Cola Bursary Project

Through the Coca-Cola Beverages South Africa Bursary Program, PYMA has been able to grant the opportunity to twelve (12) deserving students within the program and the Freedom Park community.


Classroom Project

Our partner with Auto-General Australia has ensured that we secure a third classroom for our learners who attend the Afterschool programme.  With the delivery of the classroom, PYMA has been able to provide a conducive and enabling learning environment  for the children and youth enrolled in our programme.

21 Acts of Goodness

The first launch of the 21 Acts of Goodness Activation allowed PYMA  to move a great stride into  providing increased support to matriculants as part of Examination preparations. Through  this project, PYMA has been able to  roll out the 21 Acts of Goodness  and reach over 1000 matriculants in school located in Soweto.

Youth Service Initiative

PYMA, partnered with Gold Youth through the Harambee. Through this project, PYMA provided youth with employment opportunities through placing them in various organisation. All the youth enrolled in this project, were allowed to register on the SA Youth Mobi in order for them to  access resources, preparation for the world of work, learnerships, volunteering and further studies resources, wellness and selfcare support.

Youth Support Project

We are very excited to celebrate 2 years of fully implementing the youth project with FNB. The Youth Project has been aimed at  improving employability in South Africa. In addition, FNB also provided PYMA with mentors to ensure that  young minds are fully empowered and aided in devising proper high school exit strategies.

ECDs Connect Project

Through First National Bank (FNB) and Rise Against Hunger  (RAH), PYMA continues to participate in the movement of   eradicating hunger by distributing the food packages to all the local ECDs.

Youth Advisory Service

With the support from the City of Johannesburg, we  embarked in Youth Advisory Services aimed at empowering young people with skills and knowledge, Job Preparedness, CV Writing, Life skills, career opportunities and entrepreneurship, Computer usage and job hunting, Youth Placements and Internships. A total of 171 youth have been reached and empowered thus far.


Our partnership with Gold and Yes4Youth   has allowed us to  provide 1-year internships for  young people. Engaging in youth support initiative helped us  to tap into the demographic dividend of South Africa as well as play a pivotal role in building a proper youth ecosystem. More so, the Yes Programme has also ensured that it navigates around groundbreaking  through innovation and technological best practice and to also provide young people a dignified first chance.

Community Engagement

As we continue, with our Afterschool Programmes , we continue to  strengthen our partnership with the University of Johannesburg. The UJ Community volunteers have been committed to the Programme and ensured that every Saturday, they come to PYMA to tutor learners in various subjects, conduct tutoring and aid the latter in preparing for their examination.


exam prep

Presidential Youth Initiative

As part of ensuring that more young people are reached and empowered, PYMA  through its youth work readiness programme recruited 11 volunteers under the Africa Tikkun Presidential youth programme. All the youth were honed with skills and knowledge in programme planning and implementation, monitoring and evaluation, drafting of business plans and research.This programmes was designed in order to respond to the skyrocketing youth unemployment that had been caused or exacerbated by COVID-19.

PYMA food initiative

In 2021, Deloitte employees responded to our need and provided funds to support our food project initiative following the July 2021 unrest. The PYMA food distribution Initiative is part of  the organisation’s COVID-19 strategy /Disaster Management Strategy. Since the start of COVID-19, PYMA has been providing food packs and vouchers to  the beneficiaries and families that  have not been able to cushion  themselves due to the destruction of livelihoods through looting and lockdown extension.



Sanitary Drive

In 2021, PYMA launched its annual sanitary drive campaign to help restore dignity to young women in the local community called Freedom Park, more especially the beneficiaries enrolled in the PYMA programme. PYMA launched its annual sanitary drive campaign for 2021 to help restore dignity to young women in the local community called Freedom Park, more especially the beneficiaries enrolled in the PYMA programme. Phase 1 distribution of sanitary pads was conducted on the 10th of September 2021. When the sanitary drive was officially launched, the organisation collected over 400 sanitary towels from various companies including African Bank, TIH and other organisations. 

Psychosocial First Aid Training

As part of supporting young people who work in our programmes, we  conducted  workshops on Psychological First Aid  with the support of DGMT.  The main aim of conducting these workshops was to aid our youth in coping with impacts of the COVID-19 crisis.

Financial Literacy

 Through our Youth Work Readiness Programme, we have had to  conduct Financial Literacy Trainings. The trainings  mainly targeted  young people as well as parents and guardians that PYMA works with in the community.